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  I am  a songwriter and composer, mainly because songs keep coming to me. I have done what is referred to as Music Arrangement, which means I have hired others to perform the music of my songs. It is a most interesting process I encourage everyone who has ever come up with a cool tune to do. 

Some examples:
Onomatopoeia    Sung by Lily Dung recorded in Surreal Studios, Anckhorage Alaska, Music by Justin Farren, recorded in Sacramento, Ca. 

That Girl, by Herman Franck sung by Bruce Bolin; music arrangement and recording at Pudding Stone Studios, 

He Wants You Now, by Herman Franck, vocals by Dewi Nuryanti of Jakarta recorded in Jakarta; violin by Ino of Jakarta; music arrangement and performance by Bruce Bolin Pudding Stone Studios, Recorded in Sacramento CA

No Love Back Blues by Herman Franck, vocals by Justin Farren; Music Arrangement by Justin Farren recorded in Sacramento, CA USA